Saturday, October 24, 2009

My OpenFeint Name!

Username: Raheel12

So there is my openfeint name for Pocket God!  You can send me as many challenges as you want!  I will always answer and try and beat you so keep sending me challenges!  And if you want everyone else to send YOU challenges then either email me at and tell me to post your openfeint name here, or leave a comment telling everyone your openfeint name so they can send you challenges!

Flash News

1. No update...
2. Email me at
3. Contest Starting Soon!
4. We got 600 hits!
5. 2 New Polls!
6. We got our first follower!
7. Congratulations to hardcoregamer for being our 600th visitor!
8. Pocket Blog shows an awesome update idea (Pirates!)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Vote for Pocket God!

So go to this link, and vote for Bolt Creative as App Developer of the Year for making Pocket God!  I heard they are tied with another app so vote for them so they can get in the lead and win!  It is the last week to vote for Bolt Creative so vote!  And if you already voted you can vote on multiple computers and devices!  So vote on all the computers you can and all the iphones and ipod touches!

PS: no news about the update :( But it sounds pretty great to wait for.  I posted like 7 spoilers and if anyone else posts any more spoilers I will post it here :) And btw, we got 500 hits!  The post under this one is the 500 hits one so read it!

500 Hits!

YES!  Finally.  First, it took me forever to get this animation to upload on Blogger.  And second, we got 500 hits!  It has been 6 days and we finally have reached the 500 mark.  I want to thank everyone who has been visiting the blog!  And by the way, this animation is made by hardcoregamer.  He did an excellent job in making this for me.  Thanks a lot hardcore!  Can't wait till we reach 1000 hits!!!

EDIT: well I am ending the poll early.  Dragon got 12 votes, Metal got 10, Pygmy got 4, Prisoner got 1, and Purple got 0.  So vote on the new poll!

Another Spoiler!

Well thanks to HDGreen for giving us so many spoilers!  This particular spoiler is the doodler!  You can customize him so when you are doing Ooga Jump the doodler will be a skeleton.  Now how cool is that? 

Also, this blog almost has 500 hits!  It is kind of unbelievable.  This blog is running a lot more smoothly then my old blog.  It has just been 6 days and we are about to hit the 500 mark!  Thanks to everyone who has been visiting the blog!

Lastly, the update was submitted last Wednesday.  It should've been out by now, but I think someone said Apple might not approve the update until about another week.  But all we can do is hope that the update will be approved by today or tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

5 More Spoilers and Wikipedia

So the DLC customization is the moon and the dodo.  There is a pumpkin that I think is part of the island.  There is also a pygmy stuck to a web and a baby spider about to eat him.  There is a small face that comes up on the health bar when you are fighting the spider.

Now since anyone can edit Wikipedia, someone posted an update after Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy saying the next update is an Ice Island.  Do NOT listen to them.  Anyone can edit Wikipedia and put whatever they want. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Glitch and SNEAK PEAK at Barking Spider Crouching Pygmy!

Ok so the glitch is pretty simple.  All you have to do is drop a shark on a pygmy.  I don't quite remember what happens but I think all the pygmies are just staring looking scared.  Now for the good part!  Here is a SNEAK PEAK at the Next Update!

Now this is part of the Halloween Skin Pack!  Instead of a meteor, you can switch it into a skull!  Now how cool is that?  Someone pointed out that it looked like the moon in a game called Zelda.  But now you can make an eclipse with a skull :)
PS: update was submitted last Wednesday.  So it has been almost a week.  Update should be out by Friday.

Glitches, Next Update, and PG CopyCats!

First Glitch: Ooga Jump and go in the menu and keep turning thunderstorms on and off.  The pygmy will never hit the ground.
Second Glitch: make a pygmy fish.  Then get a shark dropped on him and the shark will be flying in mid-air!

So, next up is next update discussion!  So as Dave said the next update will be a cleanup update (I think) and the update after will feature a new location and something that everyone has been asking for a long time.  It could be either Aliens from Afar or Ice Island!  I'm hoping for Ice Island.  I will add a poll for this soon. 

PG CopyCats!  There is a new app called "Pocket Devil" and it is a 99.99999% copy of Pocket God!  The game is instead of pygmies, they are devils.  And you are on an island where they can't die.  But you can torment them.  It is a total copy of Pocket God and heres why:

1. Name is almost the same.
2. They are on an island.
3. Pocket Devil says "Will you be naughty or nice?" kind of like in Pocket God's description.
4. I believe I saw a volcano in one of the screenshots.
5. They use each update as "Chapters" and we use "Episodes".


Monday, October 19, 2009

Dave's TouchArcade Post (State of the Island)

Finally getting back into work mode after recovering from a cold last week. We submitted the update last Wednesday night and everything is looking good. Since then we have been resting up and taking care of bookkeeping matters which is quite the pain.

We have been getting some really good feedback about our T-Rex DLC. there is some confusion about whether you get all the options or just a single option for $0.99 and we want to make sure everyone knows you get all the options for that pack and you can go back to the screen at any time to change your T-Rex back to the original or another skin without having to pay again.

As far as the results (in case you're a dev and are thinking of implementing DLC). We haven’t received much of a backlash from going to 3.0 only. We might get 1 email every few days about it and most of them are fairly understanding, but might not have the money to upgrade right away. We have had some issues with reviews where people think that going to 3.0 means that the game isn’t compatible at all with iPod Touch. I'm not sure if these reviews are by people who are trying to spread false information because they are angry or they just didn't bother to read the message that tells them to upgrade to 3.0. We lost about 10 ranking points in the top paid apps (US) due to the 3.0 change but it seems we are fairly stable at 33 right now. Even though new users dipped, our overall sales of DLC + new users are better than what we were getting before with just new users. Also, the sales curve is a little steeper with DLC than with new sales. For us at least, new sales decline at a pretty slow rate while DLC has a huge spike when the update first comes out but a pretty rapid decline after that. Although, after a week, it seems like DLC sales is settling into 27% of new sales. It will be interesting to see when the new DLC pack comes out whether its sales will add to this figure or just replace it. Also, keep in mind, we have a pretty big fan base and a lot of loyal users that continue to check out our updates. It would be interesting to see what other apps are seeing with their DLC figures.

Apple recently announced that they are allowing free apps to charge for DLC. We have no plans to offer a free version of Pocket God with a $0.99 upgrade fee. Right now we are afraid that if we switch to free+DLC, we may lose some of our visibility on the Top Paid apps list but I don't want to say we will never go in this direction because obviously I didn't think we would be moving to 3.0 or offering DLC until recently.

About the update, we are introducing a humongous spider into the graveyard island. We retweaked combat with the T-Rex and the Spider to make it more challenging and also added it as a challenge that you can do with friends. There are new achievements for combat based on the lowest number of spear throws it takes to knock one of these down and I have to say, it's pretty hard. Because if the difference in sizes, each monster needs a slightly different strategy to take it down. Some of the betas had a reaction that it was way too hard at first but there are techniques you can learn in order to get better at it over time. I think it will end up being a fun challenge and it brings more life into the T-Rex so those skins don't go to waste. We also made the spider web interactive, you can drag a pygmy into the web, call a small spider down to cocoon it, and then trigger a bunch of baby spiders to eat the pygmy from the inside out.

We also added a new DLC Halloween Skin Pack to this update. Instead of skinning a single object and giving it lots of options, we chose to pick a lot of objects and give them a Halloween version of it. I swear to god, I haven't typed the word Halloween so many times in my life compared to this last update, and every single time I find myself singing the Halloween spelling song I learned as a kid. "H-A-Double L-O-W-Double E-N spells Halloween". God, I'm so sick of it already ...anyway, so there are cool Halloween versions of a bunch of objects like the volcano, the bird, even doodler. Screen shots will be released in the near future on the blog. Allan did a really good job with them, you can enable each skin individually so as we release new skin packs, you'll be able to mix and match.

From the technical side, I was able to optimize some things. There was some polling going on with challenges that were dragging the cpu down by about 10%. So it should run a little quicker. I hate to be one of those games that asks you to reboot your phone before playing but that helps too. I noticed that the iPhone 3G that I use for personal reasons can be really slow after a bit of use. Not sure what it’s from, maybe a lot of apps, a lot of music or whatever, but it can run a lot slower than a 1G iPod touch that has hardly anything on it. Once I reboot though, it seems to go pretty quick.

We also ran into a wall in terms of texture memory, we currently have 5 1024x1024 16 bit texture atlases and 2 1024x1024 PVR compressed atlases that are in RAM while the game is being played. This combined with other assets give us a 30MB RAM footprint which is right on the edge of the suggested amount of memory that iPhone apps should use before serious problems start to happen. We managed to add all the new skins and assets from this update to the existing atlas space but we won’t be able to add new atlases to the game so that means no new functionality without figuring out a system to dynamically load pieces into memory on the fly. Most games do this already but you end up seeing a small stall between screens or levels in their game. I think we can figure out a method that will do this on the fly but it will take a big cleanup effort to complete.

So this means that the next update will be a cleanup update and it will probably take longer than 2 weeks to complete. We will still find some kind of functionality to add to the update (and DLC) but our main focus is to improve startup time, improve frame rate, and implement a good dynamic texture and sound loading system that allows us to add DLC and new features in an easier manner. Not sure how long this cleanup will take but we are trying to get 3 major updates out before the end of the year. It will end up being a new trilogy and will include a new location, something a lot of people have been asking for.

This isn't part of the post.  So when he says people have been asking for this new location for a long time, I think he means the next update is "aliens from afar".

Sunday, October 18, 2009

DLC Customization

So, you all have heard of the DLC customization.  If you haven't decided if you want to buy the DLC skin yet, here are all the skins you can get for just $0.99!  So here are all the T-Rex Skins in action!

                     The Metal T-Rex Skin, my FAVORITE!

                     The Dragon T-Rex Skin, my other FAVORITE!

 Prisoner T-Rex Skin, I like this one too, but not as much as Metal/Dragon!

             The Pygmy T-Rex Skin.  He really does look like a Pygmy!

       The Purple T-Rex Skin!  Or as I like to call it, Barney T-Rex Skin!

PS: if you paid close attention to the pictures, you could see that I added a tattoo onto the T-Rex in each picture.  The tattoo is called "Tribal".

This Blog isn't a Copy

I just got a comment saying that this blog is a total copy off of Skipper587's Glitch Blog.  Sure the template is, but that is because I was having HTML coding problems.  And second, I am not stealing any glitches from Skipper or anyone else.