Saturday, October 17, 2009

Good Will Haunting - Glitches

So, Good Will Haunting is the very first update that this blog is starting at!  Here are all the glitches I found.  And NO, I did not copy these glitches from anyone else.  I found these while playing Pocket God.

1. Turn the name tag on.  Right when a bird comes down to carry the pygmy away, do an earthquake.  The pygmy will get carried away but his nametag will go another way.

2. Ooga Jump and land in the grave.  Bury the pygmy and when he comes out the screen will go up.  Kill the zombie and wherever you take the ghost the screen will go there.

3. Do an earthquake and quickly make a bird bomb fall on a pygmy.  The earthquake won't affect him.

4. Do a bird bomb then an earthquake and the bird bomb will disappear.

5. Drop a bird bomb, fish, or coconut on a pygmy who is fishing and he will automatically fall in the water.

6. Turn on the logs and keep switching islands.  After a while the logs will be floating in the air.

7. Ooga Jump.  Right when the pygmy gets flat on the ground do a tsunami and go underwater.  The pygmy will be alive.  If you go back up to the island, he will still be alive.

8. Drag a ghost to the side of the screen.  He will get stuck flying sideways.

9. Terrify a pygmy.  When he falls down you can make the ghost do other things to him and he will just come back to life.

10. Make a pygmy fish.  When he is fishing make a ghost go under him.  The pygmy will fall in the water and the ghost will drag him down.  Also, when he falls in the water you can terrify him, possess him, and carry him away.

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